These are a few of my tried and true tools of the trade. (Alliteration, anyone?!?) I only recommend links and products which I use myself. If you make a purchase through one of the links below, I may get a commission. Best part: at no additional cost to you!


I am constantly learning new teaching methods and learning from the great theater teachers of the world.  Whether you like to read on a screen or on the physical page, has you covered. I support buying from independent booksellers because I know my money makes a bigger impact. Start with my “I Finished a Novel” booklist to see what I’m currently reading!


As a working actor, sending an audition via video (we call them “self-tapes”) is part of the process. Pivo is an important tool I use so that I can go hands-free while recording my auditions and get my best video content. My favorite pack is the Pivo Silver but check out their full collection for yourself!


This is a tool I used a lot when I was working in the non-profit industry, but now I use it for my business and for my clients. Canva’s platform is SO easy to use on the desktop and in their app… and it’s FREE. Yup! You can create beautiful designs to share your story with the world. Join with the link below to get started!