untitled TYA BIPOC SUPERHERO PROJECT (2023-2025)

a play in progress by Mara Palma

Premise of the show

When Evangelina, a Filipina-American almost-8th grader with a knack for cyphers, receives an encoded letter from her grandfather at his funeral, she races to solve it before her mom sends her away to boarding school…forever! Evangelina soon discovers that there’s a lot about her Lolo’s life that he never told her, secrets that Evangelina’s mom will do anything to keep in the past. Evangelina struggles against increasingly harder letters to translate and an increasingly suspicious mom, and finds herself caught between safety and legacy.


partnership with BOCON

Still building. Check back for more!

My Role as playwright

Still building. Check back for more!

playwright in process posts

Here are my latests posts throughout this playwriting process. Read on to hear about how I build a new play from scratch.

“Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.”

— Ken Liu

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Vivamus suscipit tortor

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