untitled TYA BIPOC SUPERHERO PROJECT (2023-2025)

a play in progress by Mara Palma

Where the playwrights gather: TYA/USA Conference 2024 in atlanta, GA

It’s SO soon, but I’m really excited. From March 13-15, 2024, the TYA/USA Conference is happening in Atlanta, GA hosted by the Alliance Theatre! TYA is Theatre for Young Audiences, a broad term that encompasses a lot of work, but is typically for youth under 18… and of course their families and caregivers. 


I’m especially excited because there’s a specific panel to highlight the TYA BIPOC Superhero Project, the initiative that I’m part of with this untitled new play I’m working on. A few of the playwrights will be featured, and it’ll be the first time I get to connect in-person with some of the other playwrights… and meet one of the leaders who sparked this whole darn thing!


There’s something special about getting to gather together, especially with other playwrights who are going through the same process I am. I have often felt loneliness while working on a new play, especially in the early stages. I’m surrounded by my Post-It’s, my white board, and my overthinking Self. So this chance to meet the other playwrights and talk about this project with other like-minded folks…?


Why, yes, please!


I also think this shows the invisible parts of working on a new play. Even though the plan is to have production in late Spring 2025 here in Southern California, I’m taking this opportunity to start talking about this play to other artists, administrators, and decision makers within theatre companies on a national scale. This is absolutely networking–so take that everyone who says that the arts don’t teach transferable skills. (Ha!)


If you’re also attending the TYA/USA Conference please say hello on Instagram. If you’re in Atlanta, GA or can recommend good food places, let me know that too. This girl loves to travel, and would rather take recommendations from people who’ve been…rather than what my internet search might find. 


To all the Superheroes out there,




“Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.”

— Ken Liu

Let’s bring this play to life.


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