Hey! I’m mara palma

I help everyday people tap into their creativity in order to create deeper connection to self and to community. Click below to find out how you can work with me!

Teaching Artist

Arts education is essential, no matter where you are. I have worked in short-term residencies of one-hour, to long-term residencies of 18-20 weeks. My students are both in-person and in virtual classrooms, from grades 3-12. I create original lesson plans suited for you and your students’ needs, while also maintaining signature lessons in Playwriting, Shakespeare, and Introduction to Musical Theatre. Book a Discovery Call for your theater guest artist needs, for your classroom and after-school programs, and more!

Narrative and Story Strategist

We share our personal narratives constantly, whether in the form of college application essays or on artist grant applications. I utilize my background in political science, non-profit development, and writing to develop a strategy on which version of your personal narrative to use with your goal in mind. This could be anywhere from sharing your first outline of a story, to applying for a dream fellowship, or even, to crafting your artist website. Click to book a Discovery Call to get the ball rolling, or a Pick My Brain session for a short-term advising sessions!

Creative Consultant

My passion is to help everyday people tap into their innate creativity in order to connect more deeply with their selves and their community. Having worked across several different industries and sectors, I see creativity as a necessity for every workplace environment.  I work with individuals, groups, and workplaces on fostering an environment that begins with self-assessing, knowing who’s in the room, and collectively developing social agreements. Choose a Discovery Call below to address your company or organization’s needs.