Mara Palma

Teaching Artist | Entrepreneur | Performing Artist
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Hey, I’m Mara Palma! I’m a Creative Consultant, which means I find ways to tap into your inner creativity in order to find more connection to yourself and your community.

About Mara

It all started when my family asked me to read story books out loud for my younger cousins. I picked up the book and without hesitating, started reading out using different voices for all the characters and coloring the words with different emotions and feelings. Did I mention I was seven? 

The joys of reading out loud led me to joining my middle and high school performing arts clubs, which put me on the path to study Theatre Studies at Wellesley College, a small, liberal arts college that happens to be women-focused. In my senior year, I took a course in Grassroots Political Organizing for my Political Science double major (yes, I was one of those-and proud of it!) only to use my powers for good to run a theatre campaign: I wanted to increase student involvement across all performing and visual arts student clubs. I gathered twenty different clubs onto one space on one afternoon, to maximize exposure because the same types of people were more likely to sign up to the same types of clubs. 

It blew my mind that two seemingly distinct fields of study could come together to achieve amazing results. So it got me thinking: how can the skills mastered through theatre apply in other situations? I’ve worked as a Freelancer, Teaching Artist, Development Associate, Theatre Producer, Wedding Officiant, Customer Service Representative, and Food Server. I’ve lived and worked in three different cities. What’s stayed constant no matter what is the desire for skills like public speaking, body and spatial awareness, and imagination. And that, dear friends, is what I’m here to help you with!


What I Value


I am my own agent of change, living life according to my values.


I seek truth, aware that there is always more to learn.


I find joy everywhere and anywhere, seeing the world with wonder. 

Meaningful Work

I deserve dignity, no matter what field of work I have chosen.



I make a difference in the world, now and through all those who come after me.